Participating in an American Course based on Canadian Studies

One of the best experiences I have had the privilege of participating in at Michigan State University was ISS 336(Canada Social Science Perspective). ISS at MSU stands for Integrative Studies in Social Science, and they are part of the universities requirements to ensure that students get a well-rounded education. There are tons of options to choose, ranging from classes that focus on a specific culture or geographic area to studying human interaction with the environment. This specific class was taught by the very prestigious Dr. Phillip Handrick. The class itself was rather small, thus allowing for participation to be a strong aspect of the class.

I found it incredibly interesting to learn so much about a culture that had literally been my “neighbor” for all of my life. Although I have been to Canada multiple times, it didn’t mean I understood all the characteristics and features that makes Canada the country it is. The rich and meaningful culture of all the provinces spread from Japan to all of Europe and even parts of South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. The foods of Canada are just as colorful as the culture itself, ranging from Poutine (A fatty meal typically consisting of French fries, topping(Gravy) and Cheese Curds) all the way to dried fish in New Foundland to the amazing Japanese dishes on the West Coast.

Canada truly is an amazing country to both spend time in and to study as a topic. I highly enjoyed my time in this class and would recommend it to any student curious about the wonders that lie in wait in the Maple Leaf Nation.